Today we added a new layer of encryption between the client and the server, working as another anti-bot measure.
Server is now ready for a new season! Create your account now and stay tuned, there are more news to come!
The server is being updated and will be reseted soon for a new beginning! More details will be provided over the next few days.
From now on, !share command will also share the Task kills among the party members. The same restrictions of Shared Exp will apply.
Fire devil pit room access in Desert Dungeon was fixed.
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Most powerfull guilds

Surprise Family

36 kills


15 kills


2 kills

Skip the Line in Oracle

To avoid getting stuck in lines at the oracle, especially on the first day, we put an option similar to the "bring me to" of the boats.
Now, getting close to the oracle, you can ask "please city vocation" and go straight to the mainland! For example:

please sorcerer thais

Now you don't have to wait for slow players to finish their conversation with the NPC. Remember that!

Update and Server Reset
A year has passed since we opened the server for the first and only time. After many adjustments and improvements, we decided it was time for a fresh start, a new beginning!

The Server is now ready to begin a new season: Thursday, 19:00 CEST, October 29th.

This update brings a main new feature: Daily Raids, which you can read all about here. Also, a brand new area, among the Ice Islands - the Upper Kingdom - was introduced into the game and you can also check where it is in here.

This means that now there are new bosses to fight, new hunting spots and tons of unique new items to chase! Along with all the major new features, multiple fixes were done in order to make the gameplay better.

I hope to see you all here Thursday, as it will be awesome! Thanks everyone for your support!

We are happy to announce that a new area has been added in Port Hope, and it is HUGE:

The Monastery of Despair!

Over 20 different creatures live in there, including: Betrayed Wraiths, Blightwalkers, Dark Torturers, Defilers, Destroyers, Diabolic Imps, Furys, [...], Juggernauts, Undead Dragons and 10 more others!!

This area was extremely balanced, so players can make a good hunt in there.
The Exp, Loots and Tasks of all of these monsters were increased accordingly, to make it even more attractive to you!
You can check all the locations of custom areas, including this one, in our map section here.

Remember to close your client after today's server save and let it update itself after you open it again.

Enjoy! Server Launch

31th October 2019
6:00 pm Warsaw, PL time
5:00 pm UTC time