To Players with low FPS
If you find yourself with low FPS in our client, please, try these steps:

1. Right click the client .exe -> properties -> compatibility.

2. Select Windows XP SP3

3. Mark Disable Full Screen Optimizations

4. Mark Run as administrator

5. Apply

6. Close your client and then open it again.

If it doesn't get any better, you might also want to try this: If you dont have, first make a shortcut of the client to Desktop, then right click for Properties and, at the end of the file's path, add:

engine 0 / engine 1 / engine 2

Test the client's performance for each engine, and use what suits you best!

It may work for some players, if it doesn't work for you, I recommend changing configurations for the client's application on your graphics card control panel. Try different configs and see what could improve your FPS.