Online since:
October 2019

Authentic Tibia 7.4 with improvements

Old Tibia Server is an authentic world of Tibia 7.4, where you can feel the nostalgia of the game as it used to be - like the anxiety and excitement of hunting or being hunted by other players.

On our server, count on a simple and fun gameplay, leveling up and skills are all the pleasures here. Relive 7.4's unique gameplay: do the most classic quests in the game, visit the oldest and most feared locations, enjoy wars without hotkeys! In addition, we bring new challenges such as new areas to explore, new monsters, quests and systems exclusive to our server.
Play to make friends - and enemies as well - We have an excellent community that has made what our server is today. Your wishes and suggestions will always be taken into account here. Be part of our community too!

Old map with extensions and unique new areas

Explore the oldschool world, revisit the most remarkable areas of Tibia, run from the giant Giant Spiders, explore and strengthen your character to face the strongest creatures of the time, but not only that - enjoy the exclusive new features of the server:

Face even more difficult creatures, bosses and quests and get the the most rare rewards!

Classic gameplay with runes and mana fluids

A game based on runes and manafluids - as opposed to today's game, which boils down to potions and instant spells.

Before you go hunting or go to wars, you must prepare and make sure you have enough supplies. Runes and mana fluids are not stackable, so you must have plenty of backpacks to store them.

Runes obtainable only by players

In this version, runes cannot be purchased from NPCs, only blank runes are available for purchase, which must be used by Sorcerers, Druids and Paladins to make their own runes.

That said, to get them without making them, trade between players must be done. And this is another factor of the classic and nostalgic feeling that the game offers!

Use the command !auto to make runes or to train skills!

To make the game lighter and less grindy, we offer a small system to automate the rune-making part of the game.

You can use the command !auto spell, amountOfMana. The system will take care of making your runes, eating food and acting as anti-idle, so that you are not disconnected for inactivity in the game, being able to be semi-afk without worry!

For example, use !auto adori vita vis, 220 to make sudden death runes whenever you reach 220 mana!
You can use the system to train AFK too! Likewise, the system will take care of using the spell you choose, in such an amount of mana.

Use for example !auto exura, 300 to use light healing spell when it reaches 300 mana. Rest assured that your character will eat food and will not be disconnected due to inactivity.

Classic items and the search for new items

Do you remember the first time you got a dragon shield? A skull staff? There is nothing more nostalgic than the old Tibia sprites. In this version that has been gone for so long, each item was a great achievement.
We do not allow ourselves to be limited only by classic items. To further extend the experience, there are dozens of new items to be obtained through creature loot, quests or daily raids!

Anti-bot measures and zero tolerance for botters

Any aid to gameplay is prohibited! Including unofficial software, smart hardware, macros or any type of automation.

Players who use any of these devices will have their accounts deleted from the server along with their houses and all their belongings.

We have anti-bot measures on our client, the use of logs and in-game monitoring to enforce the rules.
We value fair play for everyone above all!

Classic PvP with Guild War System

Do you remember the first time a player tried to kill you?
Or even better, the first time you went hunting for someone?
Form alliances, protect your friends, exterminate your enemies!

We maintain the same PvP rules in Old Tibia, with the skulls and oldschool frags counting system.
A PvP without hotkeys for runes and mana fluids, which ability counts the most!
We also have the Guild War system, so that battles can be fought without counting the frags!

And let the bloodbath be unlimited, if both parties agree!

Classic outfits + new outfits to be obtained in-game

At Old Tibia we offer 7 classic outfits for each gender, plus 4 of these outfits with accessories for server contributors.

All other remaining outfits are obtainable in-game, via the Daily Raid bosses.

Ancient Creatures - Old Tibia's unique system

Ancient Creatures are more experient versions of already existing creatures in Old Tibia. The appearance of these monsters is different (aged).
They appear randomly, at any time, from an Ancient Rat to an Ancient Juggernaut, next to their original versions. For an example: an Ancient Demon will appear randomly next to a regular Demon, anywhere on the map where is a Demon spawn. You cannot block their respawn.

Besides the great amount of experience given by defeating the Ancient Creatures, hunting them can also be very rewarding.
Ancient Monsters drop old equipment, such as an old crown armor, and old giant sword, old crusader helmet or old magic plate armor for example, as well as old runes: old heavy magic missile, old great fireball, old explosion, old ultimate healing and old sudden death runes.

Daily Raids - Old Tibia's unique system

Fight up to 9 different bosses daily, with different levels of difficulty and have the chance to get the rarest rewards!

Prizes range from experience bonus scrolls and customized backpacks to helms, armor and extremely powerful weapons.

It depends only on your fortune and perseverance!

Constant updates and improvements

We guarantee updates always and only with original content: islands, cities, quests, systems will not be copied from current Tibia or other servers, like Yalahar, Liberty Bay, Svarground.

The community has great weight on the updates, we always listen to all the suggestions, both of what should be changed and what could be added.

However, we want to keep the old mechanics and the oldschool feeling, choosing wisely and carefully what will be implemented or not, so it stays that way!

Final words

Not everything that exists in Old Tibia is described on this page, we just put what players usually are looking for.

We want you as our player! Your opinions, advice and/or complaints are always welcome, so we can improve our server even more.

Be part of our community!