04 February 2020

New area added to Port Hope: The Monastery of Despair. Over 20 different creatures, including: Betrayed Wraiths, Blightwalkers, Dark Tortureres, Defilers, Destroyers, Diabolic Imps, Furys, [...], Juggernauts, Undead Dragons and 10 more others!

This area was extremely balanced, so players can make a good hunt in there.
The Exp, Loots and Tasks of all of these monsters were increased accordingly, to make it even more attractive to you!
You can check all the locations of custom areas, including this one, in our map section on the website.

Remember to close your client after today's server save and let it update itself after you open it again.

- Eremo's Island is now protection zone to prevent destructive traps.
Also, for the same reason, NPC Captain Fearless, of Venore's boat, was moved closer to the travelling arrival spot.

- Party shared exp bonus changed! Now it increases accordingly to the number of players in party:
2 players -> 20% exp bonus;
3 players -> 30% exp bonus;
4 players or more -> 40% exp bonus.

- New outfits were added for free! Check your new outfits!

25 November 2019

After Today' Server Save!
- New Task of Caelestis has been added.
- The heroes task has been changed: increased count from 100 to 250 heroes. Changed prize from Crown Legs to Giant Sword.
- Dragons Task has been reduced from 500 to 300 dragons, reward has changed from Dragon Scale Mail to Royal Helmet.
- Dragon Lords Task added prize: Dragon Scale Mail.
- Giant Spider Task reduced count from 350 to 250 Giant Spiders.
- Black Knights Task increased count from 50 to 150.

Increased loot chances and base experience (from 3050 to 5050) from Serpent Spawns.
Reduced Skull Staff's drop chance from Warlocks by 35%.
Increased Behemoths base experience from 2500 to 3800.

Poison Storm (exevo gran mas pox) changed to match the damage of Ultimate Explosion (exevo gran mas vis), but 10% weaker.

11 November 2019

Removed loss reductions from promotions. Also, when players died for PKs they were losing a very small amount of experience (incompatible). This has also been fixed.

06 November 2019

New area added: Celestial Sanctuary, with new creatures and quest. It will be available after next global server save! You can see where is it in our map section.

03 November 2019

Decreased Paladins overall magic damage by 10% (balancing vocations).

02 November 2019

Added Warlocks respawn to -2 and -3 floors of Dark Cathedral.

01 November 2019

Increased Ultimate Healing Rune's heal by 30% (balancing vocations).

29 October 2019

Mana for Paralyze Rune reduced from 900 to 500 (balancing vocations).

14 October 2019

New feature Added! Now we have the Arena: you can battle: kill and get killed, no one loses experience, skills or supplies.
Ammunition, runes and mana fluids are infinite! Endless fun!

Just go to any temple and say 'hi', 'arena' and you are all set!

If you want to come back to Tibia, say: 'hi', 'temple' or 'tibia'. You can also use 'bring me to' words.

11 October 2019

Added NPC Merchant at or near every city's depots. He buys and sells the same items as Alesar, Nah'Bob and Rashid).

22 September 2019

New feature: now you can use command '!auto spell, mana'. To cast spells and eat food automatically, useful for runemaking or training skills afk!

You can use for example: '!auto adori vita vis, 220' or '!auto adori vita vis, 2000' to use it when you reach 2000 mana.

If you are knight or pally, you can use '!auto utani hur, 60' to eat food and train skills afk.
Use: '!auto off' to stop the automatic function.

22 September 2019

We are restricting now the connections by 4 per IP (MCs up to 4 clients) because of OTServList's rules.

21 September 2019

Now you can buy items from npc without saying the word 'buy'. For example: 'hi', 'backpack', 'yes'.

21 September 2019

Some monsters' spells fixed (fire fields not decaying).

20 September 2019

Red Skull login bug in the new client fixed (status skull icons still missing).

20 September 2019

Guys, from now on we will use a new anti-bot client, which has the following new functions:
- Possibility to walk with AWSD keys (with option to activate with ESC key)
- Display for FPS (Frames Per Second)
- Built-in TibiaCam for recording and watching tibia videos.
- Showing mana bar below the health bar (optional).
- Inability to use known bots.
Hope you enjoy!
Tip: you can copy .map files from the outdated client and paste into the new client's map folder to have your maps revealed again.

19 September 2019

Now you can buy any amount of bps mfs you want. you can ask for 'buy 20 bp mf' now, for example.

19 September 2019

Soft boots provisional fix added.

19 September 2019

Not decaying energy wall rune bug fixed.

18 September 2019

The red skull frags and frags to banishment have been reduced as a possible interim measure to prevent power abusing, use the command !frags to check about it.

16 September 2019

Carlin's depot missing protection zone tiles, fixed.

16 September 2019

Boats now don't travel players with pz locked status using the 'bring me to' words.

12 September 2019

Webiste fix: kill statistics and last login matching in time now, in Brasilia Time. In addition, the house rental due dates were also fixed.

09 September 2019

Mad Mage Room Quest fixed.

04 September 2019

Added extra Black Knights, Heroes, Hydras and Demons hunts:
- Black Knight new area is attached to the Black Knight Quest Room.
- Heroes area is a prolongation of Edron's Heroes.
- Hydras are a prolongation of Port Hope's Hydras Montain.
- Demons area is a continuation of Edron's Demons Hunt.

04 September 2019

Demon Helmet Quest opened (doesn't need 2 people to open the wall anymore).

04 September 2019

Expanded hunt areas: Dragon Lair Venore, Dragon Lair Ankrahmun (Dragon and Dragon Lords).

04 September 2019

Demon Oak Quest fixed.

02 September 2019

Annihilator now can be done more than one time per day.

31 August 2019

Mana and HP regen increased by 2x the previous rates.

30 August 2019

Banshee Quest fixed.